Monday, April 21, 2008

This and That

Wow, it's been a few days since I did any posting, so let's catch up this morning.

Our Pennsylvania Primary is on Tuesday, and I for one, will be glad to see it come and go. We are constantly being bombarded with TV ads, phone calls, and posters put forth by all the candidates. No one offers solutions, they just attack the other guy. Don't you wish you had some of the millions that they spend to get to the White House? Frankly, I don't understand why anyone wants the job. You go into office looking young and vibrant, and come out looking old and worn out.

DD Mary invited us to her home for dinner last night. She did ham on the grill, and was upset that she didn't have any ground cloves to put on the ham. Well, she improvised and used apple pie spice -- I think she's on to something. It was superb. And she made a dump cake for dessert. I'd heard of it, but never tried it. As the kids today would say -- it was da' bomb.

Came back from the train show on Friday night. It was disappointing. Gas here in PA is running about $3.50/gal. and there were a lot of no-shows. Some of those who were there had smaller set ups - almost like they brought what they could fit into one truck. We didn't buy a whole lot, even came back with money left over (first time that's ever happened). We did get a new trolley, though. And get this - we found a little picnic table with an umbrella. Had to have that!!

Saturday morning Mary, Kristin and their kids came for breakfast and Pappy made his "world famous" donuts. He uses refrigerator biscuits, lets the kids cut the holes out with pop bottle lids, and fries them. A quick shake in a lunch bag with some powdered sugar, and voila! - Pappy's donuts. Krissy calls them Pappy's world famous donuts, but then adds that they're not really world famous -- she just calls them that.

I've lost something. No, it's not my marbles, but my binding. I had the binding strips all cut for the last quilt and had them bundled together. Now, they have disappeared and I'm too tight to cut more. So, today will be spent looking for the bindings. The other quilts are done, and I'm anxious to move onto something new. If any of you have seen my binding, please tell it to come home. Have a great day. Linda

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