Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Sewing Corner

Well, the binding strips are still missing in action. I've searched everywhere I could think of, and still no bindings. So, I will cut new binding this morning. But, I did rid up my sewing room and put a lot of things away that should have been put away when I was done with them. Do you do that? Are you guilty of moving on to another project before cleaning up after the one you just finished? When I first moved into this room about two years ago, I loved how it looked and didn't want to "junk" it up. So after each and every project, I put everything I had used away, and then started fresh. But somehow I got out of that habit. And so, I've decided that it's time for a good cleaning, putting everything in it's place before I start the next project. I really love Mary Engelbreit - her bright colors and patterns inspire me. So when the opportunity arose to have my own little room in the house, I chose a fabric for the curtains and went from there. Orange is my favorite color, and the bright blue was also in the fabric I chose for my curtains. I have moved some things around as I learned what worked and what didn't, and for sure it looks a lot more messy than it did in these photos. But it still makes me happy to sew in this room. The Saddle Up quilts will be finished by the weekend, and the weather man is calling for rain, so I think this coming weekend I will clean, dust, put things away and straighten up the stacks of fabric before I move onto something new. Hopefully a clean and fresh room will give me a fresh outlook on life in general. Have a great day. Linda

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