Saturday, April 12, 2008

Simply A Sewing Saturday

Wow, it's finally Saturday. We had a great Family Pizza Night last night. The margarita pizza turned out great - we diced our tomatoes and added shredded prociutto. Mmmm. Very pound-friendly, too. All the kids loved the pizza night since we all like something different on our pizza. I had planned on making my own dough, but got a little lazy so we used a purchased pizza crust that comes in a pouch. Our Walmart has this pouch for less than a dollar, so it doesn't make sense to go to the trouble of making my own dough. We used the margharita pizza recipe linked to this page, but omitted the garlic. I love this pizza crust mix. Haven't seen the Hush Puppy pouch before, but will have to look for it. We had some shells left over, which I will freeze between sheets of waxed paper for a quick dinner some night. Now, it's off to the sewing room to quilt one of the last two quilts. Have a Super Saturday. Linda

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