Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gadget Day

First let me tell you that I am not a gadget person. I don't buy every new notion or gadget that comes along. Perhaps it's the Scotch in me (the nationality not the liquor) that makes me try to use what I have instead of investing in something new, but I'm probably the last person to buy new gadgets just to be "in". I made some exceptions recently though, and boy am I glad I did. The first investment was a thead stand which I puchased when I got my Flynn Quilt frame, and just recently tried. I had never used such a thing, and was having trouble with metallic threads breaking when I used them. With this stand, the thread comes off the top of the spool and I'm having no breakage problems. The second thing I invested in was a kit I purchased from Quilt in a Day. It contained quilting safety pins, the safety pin grip covers and a Kwik Klip. I spent Sunday afternoon putting the covers on, and I thought my fingers would never be the same. But it was certainly worth the effort. The pins no longer tangle in my jar, they are easier to see when quilting, and much easier to remove. So now I know that sometimes it pays to spend a little money on gadgets you think you don't need. The next time I go to a quilt show I'll take a little more time to check out the gadgets available.

Do you have a favorite gadget? Share it with us. Maybe we could all benefit from your posts.


Mary said...

Hi Lindabee, love your blog title!!You are going to love blogging it is really addictive!!
My favorite gadget is got to be a rotary cutter!!
My favorite gadget in kitchen is the phone so I can order out! he-he
Waving from one of the Sloanies!

Carolyn said...

don't know if it is considered a 'gadget' but i love my threadcatcher. I made one for my daughter's birthday and one for me.
It is a pincushion that sits on the edge of the sewing table and a bag that hangs on the side. I have a pic of it in my album on pat sloan....don't know what i did without it for so long.....umm..well let's just say i don't clean the floor as often :)
(i have seen them for sale in lqs for 22 dollars but i made mine with free pattern and scraps)