Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gratitude Tuesday

It has finally quit raining. Yesterday our local weatherman said that we have had rain for 9 out of the total 12 days in May. Today is rain free, but we'll have rain moving back in tomorrow afternoon and continuing through the weekend. So. . . . today I'm so grateful for a rain-free day with abundant sunshine and warmer temps.

The guys have worked hard on the deck roof, and last night finished putting the roof rafters up before quitting. I had an easy cook day yesterday. I put boneless ribs in the big crockpot with BBQ sauce, and in the little one, I put my crockpot version of fried cabbage and noodles, which doesn't involve any frying. Since Jimmy was working on the roof, I invited Mary and family to come for dinner. Jimmy doesn't like cooked cabbage, so Mary raided the pantry for a can of stewed tomatoes, two small cans of tomato sauce, and some beef broth and made her own spaghetti sauce. It smelled sooo good, but I didn't get to try any. Spaghetti sauce is something I've never mastered, probably because I don't really care for red sauce. I only had whole wheat pasta, so Jimmy stopped at the house and brought over a box of theirs. We had a pretty good evening, and I'm always thankful that my kids all live so close (they're all within 5 minutes of my house).

Don't forget to take a few minutes to stop and think about what you're thankful for today. Linda

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