Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday Whine Fest

DD Mary has suggested that since I have Gratitude Tuesday here on the blog, we should also have a "vent day". So I present to you the first Wednesday Whine Fest. Here on Wednesdays you can vent or whine about what's bugging you. But, I'm first.

My biggest pet peeve in the world is when I'm on the phone and the people in the room with me feel the need to comment on my phone conversation. Boy, I hate that. Get your own phone conversation and neb out of mine. Another thing that really bugs me. . . . my 78 year old mother lives with us - my husband's idea, not mine. She's always been a chronic complainer, and loves to play the martyr. But she's a big fan of the twixit clips sold by Pampered Chef and others. I like them too, but geez, draw the line somewhere. I go to get a box of cereal for breakfast - twixit clip. A pack of crackers out of the box - twixit clip. I love them for chips and pretzels, but on bagged candy!!! And last but not least -- I hate being fat. Absolutely hate it. I'm on 1500 calories for my diabetes, but not losing much weight. Dr. says I need to exercise, and I told him not to use that sort of language on me. You see for me, exercise is a four letter word. Part of the trouble is that I hate to sweat- -and I don't glisten or perspire, I just sweat. So that's it for me on the Wednesday Whine Fest. How about you? What do you want to whine about? Please share with us. Linda

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