Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday Whine Fest

Geez, yesterday seemed like Monday and I forgot to post my Tuesday Gratitude. Sorry about that. Today the only thing I want to whine about is the cost of gasoline. It's outrageous! Here in PA it's $3.95 a gallon in places. Soon we'll have to choose between gasoline and groceries.

I won't get much sewing done today since duty calls and I have to do a little housework. I can't remember the last time I ran the sweeper in the living room, and today's the day. I need to put away all the DVD's that Bubby has gotten out, and pick up odds and ends. Shouldn't take too long, but Izzy is coming for a while this AM while Kristin goes to the dentist. Usually Wednesday morning is my sewing morning since Bubby goes to preschool, but not today. Yesterday the kids wanted to stay on the deck, but we got a rainstorm and the temps dropped afterward, so we had to come in. While they were playing out there, I got another row sewn on my one sampler quilt. See you tomorrow. Linda

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Anonymous said...

Such a bother when the dust bunnies invade sewing time. Let me jump on that bandwagon with you on the cost of gas, it is $4.00/gal here. Makes me so mad.