Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oi Vay, What a Day

And I'm so glad it's over. When I said I wouldn't get any sewing done yesterday, I didn't realize how right I was. And the cleaning didn't get done either. When Bubby arrived yesterday AM he wasn't feeling well, and his temp. was over 101 degrees. Mary kept him home from school and we kept a close eye on him as he's prone to febrile seizures. He never touched his chocolate milk (almost unheard of, for him), and wouldn't eat lunch. I tried to get him to take his pills at lunchtime, and he started throwing up. (one of the first signs that a seizure is pending). Kristin was home from her dentist appt., and immediately got down on the floor with him. She cleaned up the floor, removed his clothes, and got him cathed before the seizure started. It wasn't a long one, only about four minutes, but when it was over he wasn't quite right. His speech was slurred, and his eyes still weren't focused. We had called Mary when the seizure started, and then called her to tell her we were afraid it was a shunt malfunction. She called Children's for instructions, called the school to get Krissy an early release, and called Jimmy to alert him that he should stay in Oakland. (he's working across the street from Children's Hospital). Kristin left me with the two kids while she drove to the school to get Krissy, and they arrived back home about the same time that Mary got here. Mary gave him more Tylenol, and she and Kristin left for Children's with Kristin in the back seat with Bubby. At Children's they did blood work, a CT scan, and a shunt series, and determined that the shunt was OK and that he has strept throat, and that the seizure was indeed a febrile seizure. It took nearly 8 hours for that. The twins went to Children's straight from work, and my girls waited together. I have an awesome familyand my girls are an excellent support system for each other. Rod and I held down the fort here, with Krissy and Izzy.

Rod had a dermatologist appt. yesterday, and learned that he has 4 areas of skin cancer, which they will start removing in July. It is completely curable, with no radiation or chemo required. I guess that was good news, although we didn't think there would be so many sites. The dr. told him that it is a classic skin cancer from too much sun. Rod has never been a sun worshipper and wears a hat when out in the sun. But the dr. said that most skin damage resulting in skin cancers occurs before the age of 20. He added that sun block was around when we were kids, and that is why they stress to young parents today that the sun block is critical to the little ones.

Today my arms ache, I held kids so much yesterday. I held Bubby in my arms for nearly an hour after his seizure, I'm so afraid that some day I will lose him, and didn't want to put him down. He just kept kissing me and telling me that "I love you, Grammy". And I held Izzy for her naps - one of them was nearly 3 hours. But, I'm so grateful to my Lord that everything turned out all right and my Bubby came home last night. He was angry that the drs wouldn't allow him to call from the emergency room to tell me he was OK. But I think the saddest part of the day was last night when Krissy was talking on the phone to Mary. She told Mary that she is so sad that Bubby has spina bifida and has all these problems. But she's also glad that she doesn't have all this, and she apologized for having these feelings. Pretty deep for a 7 year old. Mary told her that these feelings are normal, and that she shouldn't apologize for them. She's a great big sister for Bubby, and God loves her for that. We spent part of the evening on the deck with the two girls playing on the floor. Rod told Krissy how nice it was to sit out there with his three best girls, and she beamed. I am so blessed. See you tomorrow. Linda

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear Bubby has strep but I'm so thankful that it isn't anything more serious. That little man has had more than his share in his lifetime.