Thursday, May 1, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Boy, I think it should be. After a beautiful week last week, this week has been wet and dreary and it's supposed to continue into the weekend. The Saddle Up is on Saturday, and rain and thunderstorms just aren't conducive to horse-back riding. So, ask our Maker for no rain on Saturday here in western PA until after 5 o'clock, please.

Did you get your rebate yet? We didn't. All the talk about getting them early certainly didn't mean us. Do you have something special planned for that rebate? We are spending ours here in the good old USA. We have a deck out back that is 16 x 16, and we decided this would be the perfect time to put a roof on it. The kids and I spend alot of time out there in the summer, and it would be nice not to have to battle the sun or rain. I'm really excited about it. In my excitement one day, I called the roof a lid, and haven't lived it down. DSIL Jimmy says it's a result of my Tupperware dealer days and that to me everything is a lid. Just don't expect to burp it!!, he added. So Rod, the Designer, has been laying out this roof on the computer, and Jimmy the Carpenter will be helping with the design and the building of this roof. I'm sure the twins will be helping, too as they wield a mean hammer. The four of them put on a new roof a few years back, and built the family room in the basement. We probably won't start until after Mother's Day, however. Rod has promised me a wicker set for the new deck, which will be carpeted and I'm making a list of accessories for Mother's Day. I love having mini lights on the deck. We have a canvas gazebo there now, and the lights are around the top of the frame. Have you seen Yankee Candle's new outdoor line? I love the new lanterns. I worked in the mill office of a copper company before we were married, and I guess that's where my love of copper came from. I'm hoping for the copper lantern for Mother's Day. (hint, hint) Holy cow!! I just remembered I have a lantern that the kids got me for Mother's Day years ago. It's distressed metal with a dragonfly on it. Now I'll have to find it. See you tomorrow. Linda

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