Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The other morning Bubby came in and told me the "Boogie Monster" had come to visit him, cause he had lots of "boogies" in his nose. Well, last night the Boogie Monster's evil partner, "Mucous Man" stopped at my house. This morning, my head is stuffy and my throat is scratchy and I don't want a cold right now. I don't do bad with the flu, but a cold really knocks me for a loop. Geez, it's probably from getting soaked on Mother's Day. So, people, there's the first whine in today's Wednesday Whine Fest.

Just one more whine from me, and I'll say goodbye for today. I have no dogs. Our dogs had to be put down just recently. I love dogs. But, I have three (yes, count them) three neighbors who refuse to keep their dogs tied. The first neighbor keeps a close eye on his dogs, but they still scare the be-jeebers out of me when they come running, barking, and snarling at me when I'm trying to get Bubby on or off the bus. Whoever is out with them yells, they run back, but I'm still offended that they're giving me lip when I'm on my own property. The second neighbor alson has two dogs, which he leaves out unattended when he comes home from work. They're not bad dogs, no barking. But they love doing their business at the bottom of the ramp coming off our back deck. I just want to yell, "Go poop in your own yard!" And last, the third neighbor has three dogs. A rottie, a chocolate lab, and a keeshound and they're all three very friendly. The big problem is that they're out unattended alot, sometimes all night. And they love my garbage cans - not the cans, just what is in them. And so after a night of cruising the neighborhood, they leave nasty diapers and other assorted garbage all over our yard. Finally, the son called the other night (he's 26 or so) to ask me what to feed the baby rabbits he saved from the dogs, ( I guess since my daughter is a vet, he thinks I know these things) and I told him that it wasn't a good idea for them to be in my garbage, and the next time I would call him to clean it up. He was very apologetic, and I haven't seen the dogs since.

And so, people, that's my Wednesday Whine Fest. What do you want to whine about? Linda


Anonymous said...

I have never understood why people let their dogs run loose. Not everyone is a dog lover plus it is dangerous for the dog.

If I told you what I wanted to whine about today, you would think I had taken over your blog. ;)

Have a great day!

Nancy said...

I want to whine that I mus go and clean my Mom's house today. It's raining and I want to sew. not clean!!!

Mary said...

How about people who don't get out of their cars to get their mail? Instead, they block traffic so they can lean out their window to get the mail!