Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Finally Friday

Boy has this week seemed long or what? I know there were the right amount of days in it, but maybe we were all just ready for a long weekend. Everyone in my family agrees that it was a long week. Bubby has a neurology appt. this afternoon, so I only have him 1/2 day. Izzy will be here all day. She's got two teeth, sorry if I mentioned it before. I got the squares for Kathy's charm tote cut and sewn yesterday, but since Joan's birthday party comes first, I'm working on hers today. I make and sell bandanas to a local kennel, and there are always strips leftover from the way I cut them. I save everything, and had a whole box of patriotic strips. I pulled them out last night, and have so many different fabrics. I can't wait to start cutting today. Just don't tell Joan that her tote was made from scraps!!! Have a great holiday weekend! Linda

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