Friday, May 16, 2008

This and That

I know that it's not Wednesday, but I need to whine. My poor, old dishwasher died yesterday.
When I opened it yesterday morning, there was still smelly water inside and the soap dispenser was still closed. I tried everything I could think of and it just sits there and hums. When Rod came home, he checked it out, and declared that it had passed into dishwasher heaven. So last night, instead of grocery shopping (which I haven't done in three weeks) we went dishwasher shopping. Found one I really like, but nobody seems to have it in stock and the earliest I can get one is Thursday. Are they nuts? I handwashed dishes yesterday (give me an awww), but I don't think I can do it till Thursday. (Remember me, I'm the spoiled one). Our dishwasher is run at least once a day. Oh, my poor hands!

It's raining, again! Rod and Jimmy got the porch under roof, and Jimmy got the tar paper on, but Jimmy has another job to do this weekend, so Rod and I are on our own. We bought the spindles for the railing, but they aren't angled at the end like the ones we wanted. The guys say they can make a "jig" and we can use it to cut the angles on all the balustrades ( I think that's what they're called). And so this weekend, I will be doing the "jig thing" with my honey. I'm really looking forward to it -- I don't think I've ever been "jiggy" before. LOL. Have a great weekend. Linda

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quiltingcindy said...

You have my deepest sympathy. Losing a dishwasher is like loosing a very good friend. Can't wait to see the new deck. I would love to have somewhere to sit and enjoy the outdoors.