Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gratitude Tuesday

Yes, it's another Gratitude Tuesday. And I'm thankful for so much. The deck roof is nearly finished, Jimmy is shingling the roof now. Rod hurt his back on Saturday AM picking up shingles, so he's a little incapacitated, and not a whole lot of help, right now. We picked up the patio set on Sunday, and got the chairs out of the box, but left the table in the box until the floor is done. Rod hung the new outside light, and my new windchime, and we're hoping to get the floor done soon. Jimmy has done a great job - he settles for nothing less than perfection, and I can't imagine what the labor for this would have cost us had we been paying for it. And so today, as every day, I'm thankful for such an awesome son-in-law.

I have one more block to finish buttonhole stitching, and my Slice of Summer quilt top is finished and ready to be sandwiched for quilting. I'm thankful that I took this class, because it has opened up a whole new world of quilting for me. I would never have considered using so many different fabics for the backgrounds, but love how it's turning out.

Have a great day, and remember to give thanks for all good things. Linda

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