Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th. . . .

and the only thing running slower than I am this AM is this laptop. Maybe it's glad it's Friday, too. Well I got the bags finished yesterday. Kris didn't work until 4 so I didn't have Izzy until around 3 pm. I put my nose to the grindstone and finished it before noon.

This bag is niece Paula's. She always seems to be up and happy. She's a ball of fun, and so I used stripes and dots for her bag. To me, stripes and dots are fun. Paula is 29, and Mom to Eileen and Jaramy, fraternal twins - age 5. She found a job cooking meals at a halfway house for mentally challenged adults. The company sent her back to school, and now she's the manager of that same house. I'm proud of her.

This bag belongs to Becky. Becky is nearly 31, wife to Adam, and Mom to Keith (age 9) and Jonny and Joey (fraternal twins - age 6). Becky is our old fashioned girl. She loves to plan parties, cook and is learning to quilt. So, I figured 30's repro fabrics would be perfect for her. Like my twins, Becca works for Coventry Health Care System, but in a different department.

And last, but not least is Sharon's bag. Sharon is 27, wife to Brian, and mom to Lily (age 2) and Garrett (age 10 months). Sharon and Brian live with SIL Kathy in what was Rod's parents huge house. Sharon doesn't work -- at least outside the home!!! She takes care of her own two, and helps tremendously with her sisters' kids. She runs kids back and forth to school, shops for the groceries for the household and does whatever she's needed to do. She's truly a sweetheart, and we've always called her and my twins the "Three Musketeers" because as kids they were always together. But Sharon has a habit of talking to Brian like she's the Queen. So, May Engelbreit was perfect for Sharon. I even made sure that one patch boasts "It's good to be Queen".
So, now you've met my favorite nieces, and can understand why they're like daughters, not nieces. Tonight Kristin is having a candle party to which the nieces are invited. I'm hoping to give them their bags tonight. Have a great weekend, and make Dad feel real special.

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Becky said...

Love your bags, Linda! It's also neat that you selected the fabric to personalize the bag for each niece. They will love them. What pattern did you use for the bags? It looks like one in McCall's Quilting a couple of years ago. Is this the same bag? I might have to make one up! They are too cute!