Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gratitude Tuesday

I have so much for which to be thankful today. Rod's skin cancer is completely curable, that was good news. Bubby's seizure was a febrile and not a shunt malfunction. Izzy now has two top teeth. Kristin's eye is better. The deck is finally finished. So many good things. But with the good, comes the bad. Yesterday I had to call an ambulance for my mom. She called from the bathroom to say she couldn't put any weight on her left leg. She managed to get out of the bathroom into the hall, and I put her on my wheely chair (I guess they're called desk chairs) from the sewing room and pushed her to the back foyer. The ambulance attendants were able to get her to the gurney waiting on the deck by using the new ramp that Rod put from the back door to the deck. My house is too small for a gurney to come in past the pantry cupboard. The x-ray was inconclusive, but the orthopedic dr. feels sure that the hip is fractured. She fractured the right one 2-1/2 years ago. They were to do an MRI last night, so this morning I'm just waiting to hear from the dr. as to when her surgery will be. Mary and Kristin have both made other arrangements for the kids, and Pat has the day off so that we can go to the hospital when needed. I'd rather be sewing, but so it goes.

This morning I'm concentrating on cleaning up the sewing room. I have this small empty area between the sewing table and the shelves for my fabric. When I'm cutting I just throw all the unused fabric into what I call the "black hole". Well today I'm digging out all that fabric, refolding it, and placing it neatly on the shelves. I love when my sewing room looks neat. What I really need is a sewing room fairy who will put all my fabrics away each night. Do you know where I can find one? Never mind, probably couldn't afford one anyway.

Funny about the "black hole". Krissy told me the other day that I have a lot of "black holes", and boy is she right. The area under the kitchen table we started to call the "black hole" because Bubby would throw all the food he didn't want to eat down there. And in the living room there is a space between the wall and my end table into which everything that is piled too high on the end table falls off - another "black hole". Do you have a black hole in your house? Some day I'll tell you about the gravity problem in my house.

Hope your day is "sew" happy. Linda

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Mary said...

So glad to hear everyone is Ok and tests came back with good news!! Love your Slice of Summer! Hugs, Mary