Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gratitude Tuesday

Don't forget to give thanks for all good things today.

I do have the book I need to do the sew along with the flying geese, and hopefully will get started on that tomorrow. Today I'm cleaning up my sewing room -- you know putting things away that I left laying around. I'm really bad at that. I just throw the fabrics, etc. on the end of my table and worry about it when it falls off into the "black hole". But today, I'm putting it away -- go me!!! I really need to take an entire weekend and just rid up, as my granny would say. But I have to little sewing time lately, that when I do have a large block of time, I just want to sew. I have to do an order of bandanas for the kennel, and will get the fabrics tonight when I finally go for groceries. I'll do the one-stop Walmart thing and get everything in one place.

I've decided to do my flying geese in red/white/blue and use the table runner on the patio set. I had ordered a tablerunner from Terry's Village (I knew it would be cheaply made) but they didn't even sew down the stars on it -- they're just glued. So, it will probably be chucked into the trash when mine is done. See you tomorrow. Linda


Mary said...

Didn't get to post yesterday but I remember thinking yesterday that I'm grateful for a weekends that are so nice that you remember them all the way to Tuesday,

quiltingcindy said...

I would love to do the flying geese sew along but I'm just too tired from being gone for 2 wks. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that lets fabric pile up instead of putting it away.