Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday Whine Fest

Wowser, do I have something to whine about this morning. Went shopping to Walmart last night. I don't buy a lot of fabrics there, but for bandanas it's a great place. Low cost fabric makes more profit for me. Well, they had some doofus cutting fabric. Never saw her there before. And there were signs everywhere that all regular priced fabric was 50% off. Where are all the regular fabric cutting girls, I asked. Oh, she replied, they've been moved to other departments because we are clearing out the fabric department before the big remodel in July. Walmart in all it's wisdom has decided that we don't need our fabric department any longer. So, once it's gone, I'll have to drive about 25 miles to the nearest Joann to get affordable fabric for my dog bandanas. After waiting in line behind only 2 people for 25 minutes, Doofus finally was ready to cut my fabrics. She had called for help 3 times and no one responded. By the time I left Walmart, I had quite a headache. And to top it off, the cashier was ready to leave for the day and we were her last customer. So, we unpack our groceries at home, and there's a bag missing. About $30 worth of stuff was in that bag -- it was toiletries. I called the manager this AM already, and she told me the bag was turned in and is at customer service. So a bad shopping experience at least has a happy ending. And, the fabric I bought was only $2.00 a yard and that yields about a 1000% profit on this batch of bandanas. Now I'm off to cut the bandanas. Have a good day.


quiltingcindy said...

Sorry you had a bad night at Walmart. Employees just don't care anymore about anything but payday.

Anonymous said...

I know most of the Walmarts in our area have already done away with their fabric departments. We have written letters and emailed and called their main offices to complain and there is still one in the area with fabric...but who knows for how much longer? Our guild does a lot of charity quilts that are used at the scene of accidents and fires and we won't be able to make as many if we can't get reasonably-priced fabric any longer. It is a shame that Walmart is going this route....and I guess it's not just in our area. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Wally World, I hate that place. I've heard they're doing away with fabrics in one store but will have them in another WalMart, so ask which one will be carrying fabric.