Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Whine Fest

Guess I did all my whining yesterday. Nothing new to report. I'm getting ready to start my next FIU project. I have a lot of the Banners of the Month that I was in last year that I never started and some I started but didn't finish. I have gotten out June's from last year, and hope to get it quilted today.

Mom got home from the nursing home last night, and has a home health person coming this morning. Bubby has preschool, and DD Kristin is taking Krissy and Izzy to the "Y" to swim, so I'm going to stay home for the HH person to come. Maybe I can get some sewing in after I run the sweeper in the living room.

Do you say sweeper or vacuum? I've always called it a sweeper, however Mary's kids call it a vacuum. When Krissy was little, there was an ad on TV where a lady was doing underground sweeper races. Do you remember that one? Well, Rod and Jimmy do most of the "vacuuming" in our houses, and while we were watching that commercial Krissy said, "Grammy, I didn't know that ladies vacuumed, I thought only mens did". Jimmy said that we were setting her up for a big fall later in life, and that we better teach her to find a hubby that also will vacuum.

See you tomorrow.

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