Thursday, June 19, 2008

Short Note

This is just a short note. I'm off to finish the bandanas, because I want to start my flying geese table runner. I've picked my fabrics, and am anxious to get started. Thought about going to the Colombus quilt show this Saturday, but I really don't need anything and with the price of gas, one has to weigh pros and cons. So, we've decided to stay home. Mom is scheduled to come home on Tuesday, and I think I just want to enjoy my last free weekend with Rod. I should be able to sew this weekend.

Mary called yesterday afternoon and told me not to start dinner. She and Jimmy had taken the kids to the pediatrician, and since they were in town, decided to bring pizza from our favorite pizza shop for dinner. It was a really thoughtful surprise and very much appreciated. See, I really am spoiled. See you tomorrow. Linda

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