Friday, June 6, 2008

Hurray, it's Friday

And the temps are out of this world for the weekend. They are predicting 90's for today and the rest of the weekend. I stay in doors during the hottest part of the day, since I don't handle the heat well. And for dinner, I make good use of my crockpots. Today I'm making my crockpot version of Amish Dressing - I omit the white sauce, and don't fry it. Instead I substitute some extra chicken broth and put it into the crockpot. Then I add some turkey breast fillets on the top, and cook it all day. Here's the original recipe:

Recipe for: Amish Dressing

3 large carrots, diced
2 large potatoes, diced
1 c. diced celery
1/2 c. diced onion
1 loaf bread, toasted and cubed
1/2 tsp. Sage
1 tsp. Salt
dash of pepper
1 c. chicken broth
diced chicken

Recipe instructions:
Mix together 2 Tbls. Flour, ½ can of evaporated milk, and one egg. Pour this over the other ingredients. Mix well. Fry dressing in hot shortening. When brown, put in roaster and bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees

Try this when you're looking for something good! So, this afternoon my house will smell like it's Thanksgiving. I'll mix up a gravy packet or two, add a nice salad, and dinner will be served.

Since the weather will be so hot this weekend, I figure it's a good excuse to stay in the air-conditioned sewing room and sew! My fabric order just shipped yesterday, so I doubt I'll get it today. I'm starting to sweat, since the pillowcase swap is to be mailed by June 15, and I'm never late with a swap. If the fabric doesn't arrive, I may quilt a wall hanging I started last year and never finished. Then I could check another "ToDo" item off my list. They moved Mom to a nursing home yesterday afternoon for physical therapy, so I should be worry-free this weekend.

The new gliders that match the patio set came on Wednesday, and Jimmy and Rod got them put together. They aren't as comfortable as my favorite old swing, but they look a whole lot nicer. The cover on the swing was torn, and one of my grandpuppies thought the stuffing looked good to chew on. The kids and I spent yesterday morning on the deck, but came in at lunch time and stayed in the rest of the afternoon. Bubby and Izzy took naps, and Krissy laid on the love seat and watched TV. I think Grammy closed her eyes for a time, too. Have a great weekend. Linda

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