Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday Whine Fest

Today my big whine is mosquitoes. I absolutely hate them. They are so ignorant, rude, and just not nice. The other night Rod and I sat out on the deck until after 10 PM, it was so nice and peaceful with just the sound of the running water in the pond. And who shows up totally uninvited -- right, mosquitoes. And they strike in some places which seem to be almost impossible to scratch. I'm not fond of pain, mind you, but I hate itches even more - especially when you can't reach to scratch that itch. I now have 4, yes 4, mosquito bites on my left leg. They start just above my knee and proceed up to nearly my 'you know what'. So, mosquitoes, be on alert!! I'm coming to get you!!! Have a great day and keep kool.

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Anonymous said...

Some years ago, I was told that if you apply roll-on LIQUID deodorant to a mosquito bite, the itching will go way and stay away. I always keep a bottle of roll-on liquid at hand in the summer and I SWEAR by it. Give it a try and the itch will be gone and you won't have to scratch...I promise!

Pat in DE (from the Sloanie group)